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Vice President Cloud Security, Trend Micro

I lead technology evangelism for cloud and virtualization at Trend Micro where I blog on cloud security. I started 2 early cloud IaaS services and ran strategic planning for Citrix. My writing has been in the New York Times & Fortune and I've spoken at countless industry events. I ran the Web & Internet Engineering Program for the University of California for 5 years.

The Bulletproof Executive

I blog about how to be a more powerful entrepreneur and human by upgrading your biology at The Bulletproof Executive. I spent 15 years and $250,000 of my own money hacking my biology to gain an unfair advantage in business and life.

I upgraded my brain by >20 IQ points, lost 100lbs, got ripped and became an expert in mental performance, setting my career on fire. My advice has helped hundreds of people upgrade their careers and lives.

Made the cover of the Financial Times and into Slate for it, thanks Quantified Self!

The Better Baby Book

I'm co-author of a late 2011 book (Wiley) about how to create higher IQ children using epigenetics, nutrition, and toxicology during pregnancy.

Startup Advisor & Coach

I've advised VCs, startups and public companies like IBM. 3 of my companies have been acquired and I ran strategy for two billion-dollar public companies. On a very limited basis, I am open to coaching/mentoring entrepreneurs or startups. Mentoring makes me a better executive and better human.

Passions: perfect efficiency in all realms, the unattainable perfect cup of coffee, bacon, biohacking, smart drugs, grass fed upgraded paleo nutrition, quantifying happiness, antiaging, and my awesome family